Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Here it is. Inauguration Day. I don't remember so much hype in any other inauguration. Disputes about who's going to pray have made this day almost as much of a relief as election day. I can't wait for the madness to stop.

Even so, today is historical. Whether you believe Obama will be a good or a bad president for what ever reason you believe it, he will be sworn in today as President of the United States. It should be an historic event, regardless of who is standing there, but today, it's Obama, and for some reason that causes controversy. It's our responsibility to respect him and to pray for him daily.

As a Christ follower, I have done a lousy job of praying for our Presidents in the past. Today starts a new trend. Regardless of the position, those in leadership need to have God's hand on them. So today, we should pray for all leaders in our lives, from those close to us to those out of our reach: husbands, pastors, elected officials, and yes, that includes the president. I would rather pray for a man who is about to embark on the hardest job of his life than cut him down because of mistakes (he will make them), decisions I don't agree with, or the color of his skin. He could be purple with green spots and it wouldn't change the fact that he needs to be lifted in prayer every day.

I'll be glad when today is over and we get back to life as normal. We have a new president. We serve the same God we served yesterday. He is in as much control today as he was yesterday. He will be in control tomorrow.

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  1. Amen! Great post, nicely worded!
    And I was just thinking yesterday how I couldn't wait until all this inauguration talk and media coverage is over because it was getting as exhausting and overwhelming as the election coverage we dealt with for months on end.