Saturday, January 24, 2009

A picture is worth...

You have to go here and check out this picture. Zoom in and let it refresh. Amazing clarity. Find something interesting?


  1. okay I could spend ALL day looking for something interesting...are we supposed to find something quickly? LOL There's a LOT to look at ....

  2. Nothing specific. It's just amazing that you can see the details of stuff... and there are some strange things... like a set of legs by the press tower - with no body. A guy with 2 heads. Aretha Franklin with Rick Warren's goatee.

  3. yeah, i noticed all the weird "splits"/seams. I guess this picture was compiled of 220 images!! Isn't that amazing?!!? And yeah, the clarity is wayyy cool. I was bopping around on that website reading other comments and stuff. Got a good chuckle!