Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wrong Way

Recently, my normal drive to work has been disrupted by orange barrels. Yes, along with the new life that spring delivers, it also marks the beginning of construction season.

A couple of weeks ago, it took me nearly 2 hours to get to the office (a 45 mile trek). I decided that day that I needed a new route to work. I had a few choices, but chose the one that would hopefully be fastest. Things have been going well ever since.

That is, until this week. Yesterday as I was leaving the office, I apparently wasn't thinking about what I was doing, and I turned the wrong way out of the parking lot. After kicking myself, I decided I could get back on my new route by taking a little detour. That detour added 1/2 hour to my drive.

Fast forward to today. Once again, leaving the parking lot, I turned a different wrong way. This time, I made the decision to take all back roads home, which again, added 1/2 hour to my normal drive time. I was so frustrated with myself. I realize that at this time, there really is only one way to get home.

It's amazing how a simple distraction can cause me to get on the wrong road, not to mention falling back into old patterns. I didn't mean to get on the wrong road. I could have turned around and gotten back on track, but I thought I knew the answer to my dilemma. I wasn't turning to the great Navigator, who always leads me back to the narrow road - the one that get's me to my ultimate destination, right on time.

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