Sunday, May 17, 2009

Conquering Your Greatest Fear

If someone asks you the question...
What is your greatest fear?
... what goes through your mind?

At a women's ministry gathering not long ago, we got into small groups and shared our greatest fears with each other, then pray. While it was a bit uncomfortable, I willingly shared my greatest fear, as did the other 4 people in our little circle. We then prayed to release those fears to God and live a fearless life.

We gathered, we prayed, some were set free from those fears, some of which were irrational, some were caused by deep wounds, some were new fears, brought on by recent events.

Now here's where my head took over. As I released my greatest fear (which was being alone - not in a "someone's gonna get me" kind of way, but in a "growing old and having no one to love on this earth" kind of way) and laid it at the foot of the cross, it occurred to me that the concept of something being greatest indicates that it's not the only, but just the biggest or scariest or most significant. That means there are other fears.

The beauty in conquering your greatest fear is that there is a new greatest fear to be conquered.

And it becomes easier.

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