Saturday, August 22, 2009

Journey to Africa and Beyond Part 5

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On our first day, we would be taking a tour of the university and getting to know some of the people we would be working with there. We got all of our instructions about what would be safe to eat or drink, and what we should stay away from. We met Mike and Julie, the missionaries that were living at ANU during at the time, and our hosts while we were there.

Our first stop was breakfast. We met our personal chef for the week. Yes, you read that right. We were in Africa, and we had a personal chef. This is where I start to get uncomfortable. I don't have a personal chef here, so why would I have one there? Anyway, I don't remember his name, but this picture is him.

We toured ANU and saw some of the places we would be working. Remember the $5000 we needed to raise (the other church also raised $5000)? It went toward the student center they were building at the time. You might need to click on the picture to see it, but notice the ladder leaning against the house in the background? That is the type of equipment they use all the time. They don't buy things like ladders and scaffolding - they make it themselves. We really thought we were going to be helping to build the student center. But the reason we raised the money was so they could hire local labor. Which is good, but we really wanted to be more hands on.

So what was our mission while we were there? We were about to find out.

to be continued...   Part 6

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