Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something To Look Forward To

Sometimes, our circumstances lead us into a place of hurt, anger, frustration, depression, sin. It's in those times we need to remember that our circumstances are temporary. This life isn't all there is - we have something to look forward to. Been thinking of that since this song came on my iPod tonight. Wish I had a link to the whole song for you to listen to.

When I See Jesus

This life I lead is good
And I know that I am blessed
At times I grow weary; I need a little rest

When the world tries to lead me further away
My faith turns me back 'cause I know one day

That when I see Jesus and He calls my name
He reaches for me - I'll never be the same

I know that my Savior is waiting for me
And I'll fall in His arms when my journey's complete
-Lisa Chan

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