Friday, March 25, 2011

Romania update

We've had a couple of pretty amazing days. I think today is Friday, but I've really lost all sense of time here. What seems like hours is only moments and what goes by so fast has been hours.

We started working on the baby closet - it's really coming along. Bins are getting full, with lots of extra to go to the homeless shelters.

Firm Foundations does so much more than hold babies: diapers, teen programs, mom's programs, family sponsors, clothes, shoes, homeless shelters, and I'm sure I missed many other things. Every day we are learning more and more about sacrifice.

Many people told me how great it was that I would sacrifice to come here. This isn't a sacrifice, this is a blessing. I'm not sure how people do it without the hope of Jesus. Each time I learn a baby's story, my heart breaks a little more. I'm not exactly sure how it's still beating with it being in so many pieces, other than I know God has plans for each one of them. It would be easy to get stuck in the "why, God, why?" mindset, but I'd miss out on what God is doing here.

The staff and long term volunteers have pretty much given up everything they know to be here, and not all of them know Jesus. My prayer is that as they change the lives of these little ones, that they find their lives changed for eternity.

The hospital is better than I thought it would be, but it's still not what we're used to back home. The babies are in whatever pjs are around, many stained or with holes. They get 4 diapers a day, and are changed on a schedule.

Yesterday I held a baby for a long time, then the nurse came in to give him a breathing treatment. Because of the language barrier, there was a lot of pointing and talking and before I knew it, I had this breathing mask, which was quite obviously made for an adult, my hands and arms all placed in specific places, and one very, very unhappy little boy in my arms. He fought and fought and I just kept telling him it was good for him and singing softlyl to him and praying that God would heal his sickness (I'm not sure what it is) and give him peace. He did eventually relax and go to sleep.

We don't know the names of many of the babies or why they are there or if they will stay indefinitely or if someone is coming for them, though the FF staff do know some of their stories. Many babies aren't sick but are just left there. Regardless of the reason, they need to be touched, kissed, played with, talked to, but most of all, loved.

For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, and the
knowledge of God more than
burnt offerings.
Hosea 6:6

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  1. one of those important lessons i've tried to learn from my dad - to ask What Lord? vs. whine why Lord?

    i wonder if we hang out in the land of why... do we miss out on what an Awesome God we have...