Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Survived Week One

A week ago I started this. It's been easier than I thought it would be. I usually drink a lot of Diet Coke. Giving it up hasn't been that hard and praise God I didn't have any headaches. I have been getting tired in the afternoon, I'm sure because I'm used to the caffeine.

The thing I have noticed though, is I miss flavor. I find myself looking for something to snack on because I want to taste something. Water doesn't really taste like anything. I have to keep reminding myself that some drink water that does have a flavor, and not a pleasant one.

I know this struggle will get better and by the end of the 40 days water will be a natural beverage for me.


  1. Yes it will and it will taste great!!
    I gave up pop two Christmases ago...I was a diet coke addict. For sure. At least six cans, if not more, a day. I didn't suffer through any headaches but I totally had the "gimme something sweet" feeling.
    I gave up diet coke at that time because I wanted to challenge myself, to save money, AND because I heard that drinking regular pop (versus diet) was actually more "filling" for you than diet and thus in the end a bit "healthier" ~ since you are not drinking the aspartame/splenda additives. Because you drink the full version you are also satiated faster and need less. Not really sure if this theory was true in my case, but hey, I will say that I've pretty much avoided drinking pop and am always stocked with bottled water (our water doesn't taste very pleasant, IMO, we're on well water). Once you've been away from that diet coke...and you drink it again, it just doesn't "taste" the same. In fact, I can't stand it now! It tastes weird to me...and this coming from the girl who couldn't function without a big ol' glass in the morning followed by many more throughout the day! Unfortunately, now when I want a "treat", I drink the dew...and yeah, uhm, I don't know if I traded up or down there. LOL
    Water is goooooood. You will survive the 40 days! You will loooove water! (And if you don't, just keep telling yourself you do...because we are truly privileged to have it like we do here!)

  2. I think what you're doing requires amazing self-control. I wish you every bit of success over this 40-day period. I enjoy water, but it is so easy to take it for granted since it is plentiful.

  3. Thank you Mr and Mrs Lawrence. It's getting easier!