Saturday, March 7, 2009

Story Time with Claire

Earlier this week, a friend of mine, Claire, was sick. Really sick. Go home and lay in bed for 30-some hours sick. I'm sure it was awful for her. We met here. She lives here. Because of the 5 hour time difference, we don't talk often, but it's a lot of fun when we get to chat through Facebook.

So after she had been in bed for like 34 hours, she was feeling better and was not sleepy so we had a nice chat. Near the end of our conversation, it was like 3 AM for her and she was not tired, but knew she should get some rest. I'm not sure who suggested it first, but we decided I should tell her a story. The following is the result. Enjoy.

Once upon a time...
...there was a beautiful princess named Claire...
(claire:thats my name)
(me:yes it is..)
She lived with her dog named ...???
He was her greatest companion.

One day, they were out taking a run and stopped to smell the flowers in the park.
(claire:I love flowers)

While they were there, a young man saw the princess and immediately fell in love.

...but there was a problem
(claire:what ?)
he didn't like dogs.

(claire:thats sad)

(claire: :(:( )
So she left him behind and went on her way.
The next day, she and Charlie went to the beach.
They spent the day running and playing in the water...
(claire:hope it was sunny)
...and getting some sun.
(me:it was)
Another young man saw her and immediately fell in love.
(me:she was very beautiful... did I mention that?)


(claire: :):)

He asked if he could buy her a cup of tea. She agreed.

They talked for hours until she realized the time and had to get home.

(claire: :(:(

the royal ball was approaching and she had to get ready.

At the ball... everything was perfect...

....the music. There was dancing
and charlie was even there joining in the fun.

THEN... the young man from the beach walked in...

He asked her to dance.
They danced all night...

...and talked

   ...and walked

      ...and held hands

         ...and fell in love
They wanted to get married,
so her father gave them his blessing.

She was so very happy
and charlie had a great time with his family.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End

(claire: :):)

(claire:thats a lovely story)

(note: my fingers were on the wrong keys)

(note: this is what I tried to type before)

(claire:Publish it)


(claire:put it on your blogg)


(me:that would be funny)

(claire:thanks that story was fab)

(claire:do you want me to tell you one now?)
(me:oh yes! that would be lovely!)
(note: I'm not sure exactly how those last two went, but you get the idea)

Once upon a time there was an amazing lady called Karen
who worked very hard.
(me:that's my name)
And she was a very very nice lady.
(claire:its your name yep)
One day she was walking through the park
...past the trees
   ...near the lake

And she saw a beautiful white unicorn
(claire:now we know these are pretend
but for the purposes of the story they are real OK.
the unicorn could talk and everything)
The one thing the unicorn could do was encourage people.
And the unicorn reminded Karen that she was amazing
and that she had a lot of talents
and she had so much to give...

...which was nice.

Anyway the unicorn run off into the hills
and Karen sat pondering ...

And all of a sudden

out of no where
(me:ooh... i like this...)
came a little dog.....

...with a patch on his eye

And a journal under its arm...

(note: this should be explained.
i shared with claire how i've never
been good at journaling.
See, she's funny)


Came a little dog.....with a little name tag that said...
To whom this may concern,
Please look after this dog for me.

I have left you a million dollars under
the 3rd tree next to the green shed by the lake

Please look after him well.

You can call him any name you want.
I know you will do a good job.
So Karen looked at the mutt and said I will name you...
Karen and Jack were very happy together;
and they ran and played
and Karen laughed a lot
and Jack loved being with Karen.

It was amazing

One day, Karen was in her lounge eating some fudge
when there was a knock at the door.


'Who can this be?'
Karen was puzzled...
... Jack was excited!

Karen opened the door
and guess what?

(me:ooh.. tell me tell me)

There was a dashing young man... about Karen's age
standing there in a suit
looking all chipper
and very kind indeed.

they both looked into each others eyes.

It was love at first site!

He only came to read the gas meter.

She gave him a piece of fudge the rest is history.

They got married.

Went to church.

Had a beach and...

....lived happily ever after!

i loved my story!)

(claire: :):)

(me:that was great!)

(me:(note for later...
unicorns are mentioned in the king james bible -
translated wild ox in the NIV))


(me:isn't that weird?)

(me:i only know that because a friend of mine
is memorizing scripture from the KJV
and one of them said unicorn
so I had to look it up)


that was an awesome story, claire
thank you)

(claire:I enjoyed it
it was lots of fun
I loved both of the stories)


(me:I might have to put them both on my blog)

(me: :):)

do do

its fab)

(note: from here, the coversation
went to the fact that I lost the first part of her
story to me. It was no longer in my chat window.
But Claire came to the rescue and sent it to me.

All punctuation was added by me, since, well, the stories were told in a chat window where punctuation just isn't important.


  1. Karen,

    That was awesome sis. Thank you for sharing your lives with us all digitally! I laughed and smiled the whole time reading the awesome stories both of you gems came up with. God Bless You and Claire and cheers to many more stories to be made!

  2. Sounds like a mother tucking her child into bed with a bedtime story. Sweet!!

  3. Ha! That's exactly what it felt like! Fun times!