Sunday, September 13, 2009

Journey to Africa and Beyond Part 7

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My understanding was that we had set aside a day to visit an orphanage where all of the children's parents were victims of AIDS. When we arrived, the children were so excited to see us (they were expecting us). They were all eager to have their pictures taken and view them on the screens of our digital cameras. Their ages ranged from just a few months old to 17. Once they turn 18 they must leave the orphanage.

The woman who runs the orphanage is a follower of Jesus. She loves the children there as if they were her own. She depends on the generosity of others to keep them fed and clothed, but she also teaches them to make jewelry and other items that can be sold. For the most part, they are well taken care of and are happy. They performed a few songs for us, all about the devastation that AIDS has brought to their lives, and also about Jesus. Many of the children have AIDS themselves, but it's not clear which ones. They all have responsibilities, with the older taking care of the younger. We only stayed for an hour or so.

Below are some of the amazing children from the orphanage. There are stories in their faces that we didn't get to hear. There is something in their eyes the draws you into a place where you don't want to go but you know you have to - yet there wasn't enough time.

Again, I ask myself, "Is this Africa?"

to be continued...

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  1. K -

    thanks for posting - it's good to see the reminder of how blessed we are here in the comfory US...

    one of the ladies i work with adopted a local borther and sister... the brother had AIDS - young kids born to a bad situation...

    it's amazing to listen to her talk about raising the child and giving him a full life for the short life he had...

    thank again!