Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today, I got my first letter from my Compassion kid in Uganda. His name is Victory. What a great name! His actual name is Twesigyemukama Victory. Let's all say that together. Twi.. twes... twees.. tweyseeg... uh... I think I'll stick with calling him Victory.

Part of the letter (which is a form they fill out if they are able, and he is able) is to add some drawings, which I have included here.

Here's what he wrote:
Dear my beloved friend Karen,
Praise God Thank you For choosing
me to be your Friend.
I hope God will keep us alive and our frien
dship last. God bless you.

I typed it just like he wrote it so the line break is supposed to be there. This makes perfect sense to me, but they also added a translation, which doesn't make much sense at all. Maybe one day Victory will be a translator, but right now he wants to be a mechanic.

You know, sometimes it seems like our friends are too busy or that they have forgotten us. I'm glad to know that I have a young friend in Uganda who hopes our friendship lasts. I hope so too, Victory.

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  1. an old high friend of mine is right now in uganda building a well...