Friday, May 25, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Many years ago my parents gave me a book for my birthday, or maybe it was Christmas - I'm not really sure and the occasion doesn't really matter. The book was called My Friend the Bluebird Who Lost His Song. This was a cute story about a little bluebird who has lost his song (duh). The bluebird goes to the window of a little girl and asks for help. Taking her friends along for the adventure, they find the bluebird's song and everyone lives happily ever after.

Cute story, right? What was really fun about it was that I was the little girl in the story, and my friends were the other characters. Well, my friends and my pets - guess I didn't have enough friends to fill in all the spaces. Hey - we lived in the country and had 3 houses near us. I was blessed to have the two friends I did have.

The story was a fun adventure that had us shrinking and riding on the bluebird's back on the great quest to find the lost song, only to discover that the song was right where it had always been, but deep down inside the bluebird. Whew. Crisis averted.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with the fruit of the spirit? Well, I thought I'd retell that story with a little twist...

My Friend the Bluebird Who Lost His Joy

Once there was a little bluebird who was quite sad. One day, he went to the window of a little girl named Karen, and said, "Little girl, I seem to have lost my joy. Can you help me find it?" Karen replied, "Why, of course I will help you! Do you mind if I ask my friends to come along?" "That would be wonderful!", replied the bluebird.

So Karen, along with Ali, ChristyLaurenScottBabettaLeslie, Margie, Judy, and Carl, went out with the bluebird to see if they could find his joy.
They looked all over.
They looked in many of the places the bluebird liked to visit.
They looked under his wings but his joy wasn't there.
They looked in bluebird's nest but his joy wasn't there.
They looked around his favorite birdbath but his joy wasn't there.
They looked in the field he liked to fly over but his joy wasn't there.
They looked at his favorite bird feeder bu his joy wasn't there.

Where, oh where, could he have left his joy?

They asked the bluebird, "When did you last have your joy?"

"I remember soaring high in the sky, like I've seen the eagles do, and I began singing a song I'd never sung before. I had such a delight in my heart that I just couldn't explain. Why can't I feel that again?" The bluebird seemed more distraught than ever.

Then the friends all remembered at the same time  "Oh, why didn't we think of this sooner?"

The friends explained to the bluebird that he had what he needed all along. All he had to do was to ask Jesus, and to choose joy. Joy isn't about how you feel, but it's an overall attitude about everything. Take each moment and find the joy in it, even in the trials and hard times. If nothing else, Jesus is with you and that should be enough for you to find joy.

Then the bird flew off, soaring like an eagle and singing a new song, just like before.

He found his joy. Have you?


  1. Thank you so much for bringing me along on this journey of accountability and exploration. I enjoyed this little story adaptation...

  2. Dear Enryb Nerak. It is so nice to hear that book brought you joy. Many times we do things for our kids and don't know if they appreciate them at the time. It is so nice to hear that book "inspired" you enough to put it here on this great site. It has brought me great joy.