Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Practical Athiest

I've been listening to the series Practical Atheist by Craig Groeschel at He defines a practical atheist as someone who believes in God but lives as though He doesn't exist. I believe that so many who label themselves Christians fall into this category. Too many of us think that because we said a prayer or because we were moved in some ceremony or because we were baptized that we're all set. We can do whatever we want because we're covered.

Not true says the Bible. John 14 says if we love God we will obey him. To me, that doesn't mean "do what you want - I got your back". It means.. uh... love God and obey him. (Sorry if that's got a little deep - I only said the thoughts in my head were loud, not necessarily profound.)

Anyway, check out Practical Atheist, even if you think it doesn't apply to you. We all have areas where we think we've got it all together, but if we look carefully, we are trying to take care of it on our own as if God doesn't exist.

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  1. We watched that series online at What an awesome series!

    btw, first-time visitor to your blog. Enjoyed looking around!