Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let Your Little Light Shine

Moon 05-29-20070002
Photo by Scott Carver
The moon was phenomenal last night. It was big, it was full, and just beautiful. Since I don't have a clue how to take a picture of it worth showing to anyone (and of course, no camera), I borrowed a similar image from a friend.

I found myself actually hoping for a blackout, so I could see just how brightly it was shining.  Then I remembered - the moon doesn't shine. It reflects it's light off the sun. Oh yeah. I'm supposed to do that too, only my light is a reflection of the Son, not the sun. The sun's light just make my skin glow and turn red. But the Son's light, it chases away the darkness and burns deep into my soul. The difference is, the Son's light can penetrate so deeply within me that I begin to shine as well. I guess this kind of a Son burn is good for you.

Sometimes, in the daylight the moon is still visible, but it never shines as bright as the sun. And the Son will always shine brighter that those He is reflecting off of. We have to remember that when we think our own light is shining. We don't have our own light. We are full of darkness until the light of the Son comes in. So sit in the light of the Son for a while, and then go out and shine!

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